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#TB Never Let Me Down. Kanye is really a mad scientist the way he puts together songs, let alone beats. Here’s another example, and one of my favorites, and when you add in the context of when it was released, after Jay’s supposed retirement, yet, what Hov was spitting was so powerful. Then J.Ivey caught the ghost. Brilliant track. 

By far, my favorite of the three “Jesus Walks” videos; captured by .

In Ohio, we say Kenny. #kanyewestlostpilot [h/t SPIN]

#Yeezus first (albeit limited) impression.


It was hard to clearly hear the project in the environment— it was like a cave; specifically, it was in an loading dock annex of Milk Studios. And the decipal level was frightening. But after it was done (and the celebs — Jay, Bey, Busta, Q-Tip, etc. — and execs — Steve Bartels, Barry Weiss, Big Jon Platt, Sean “Pecas” Costner, etc. — left, but not before Aziz arrived; and Don C. [and Gabe T.] stayed), half the room exited and Kanye played back the album again. Was easier to hear then, comparatively, but still a challenge. It’s intriguing in sound and the melodies were catchy but it was really hard to make out the lyrics and hooks. It’s aggressive, although, in a performance manner, it feels like, rather than justified anger. There’s New Wave and Punk influences, yet, in the 10 tracks, I believed that were played, you can find a traditional sounding [hip-hop] banger or two; particularly the one that Hov had ‘Ye replay. The NIN/Trent Reznor comparisons are apt, to a degree — less angst, more bubbly. Overall, I don’t think fans should have any fear or be worried, as the tweets are surmising. I’m certainly interested to hear more upon first leak. 

[Photo c/o @ShaheemReid/Instagram]

"Way Too Young (Similac)" featuring Lil’ West.

Good music. Without the acronym. Or tantrums. Ha! 

"Prime Time ("

"All I’m saying’s fuck ya dream, look prick, I’m seeing God’s vision/ or death, holy ghost in every breath/Requires for evils, masterpieces on my mind’s easel/Only Plan B close to mind is for my weasel/Yeah, I might have slipped a time or two on rendezvous/Dazed by the temptresses, on instances/ Ambitions of the grandeur, getting twisted at The Standard/Raised wretched and poor, so please pardon my candor/Fuck what’s extraneous, bitch I’m tryna live/Mentally eating competition, where the hell’s my bib/You really gotta sacrifice before the game gives/Cause what they wanna offer more akin to Jena 6/And Jagg’s not the 7, nightmares of the 8 section, never to return/So to switch up my picture, I just play the Ken Burns/Y’all rehearsing, I’m just hearse’n shit/Watch what you flirting with, these beauties hold the Serpent’s Gift/Inconsequential aura, Bermuda my moves/I’m caught in the royal, double paying my dues/Affinities for lime lit amenities/Fuck this box man, I’m aiming for the Kenndy’s/Rothschild’s, DuPont’s, Anheuser’s, Genevieve’s/These niggas think they slick, I see they frienemies/Fuck kings, I mainly respect legends/The flow’s more akin to black tar, hash resin—Prime Time." @MIKEJAGGERR (LIKE this, here.)

Once upon a time, in the land of NYC, there was a man named Jay. He was a man of perfect integrity, who feared retractions and avoided evil.

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